Wet area


This is dry heat room is ideal to eliminate toxins, tension and increases natural resistance of the body The sauna is the ideal remedy against the daily stress and the overweight.


The aroma sauna is based on the therapeutic effect of the fragrance on the whole organism. This is an aromatic wood sauna with electric heater (85-100 degrees Celsius). It's a perfect combination of steam and aromatic essential oils, which enhance the effect of ordinary dry sauna .. Inhalation of lavender, myrrh and eucalyptus essence is recommended for the lungs and airways.


A vapourbath with high air humidity, constructed of marble according to an old Turkish tradition. Light aromatic essences take care of the good mood and create a relaxing atmosphere. In contrast to the sauna, here the air isn't so hot, which makes the procedure suitable also for people with heart and respiratory problems. But yet it is recommendable to be advised by a specialist.


Adventure showers are kind of cooling showers. They combine water with different temperatures - cold, hot, mixed with different nozzles and pressure injection of water - big drops, mist jets located on the walls and ceiling of the shower cabin, spray nozzles flavors changing lights and music. Thanks to these 5 elements of adventure shower. There are different combinations of water, music and light, which are called programs. Adventure programs aim to recreate the shower water elements - rain, Niagara Falls and many others. The goal here is not only to cool the body after a sauna or steam room but also to create a unique feeling of true water adventure to the visitors of spas.


Pleasant and healthy walk in alternating hot and cold foot baths.


  • Personal fitness card 5 visits /2h./ 50.00 BGN

  • Fitness 1 visit / 2ч./ 12.00 BGN

  • Swimming pool (adults over 12 years) /1 day/ 12.00 BGN

  • Swimming pool (children under 12) /1 day/ 6.00 BGN

  • Swimming pool + Steam bath+Sauna /1 day/ 40.00 BGN

  • Swimming pool + Steam bath + Sauna + Fitness /1 day/ 50.00 BGN

  • Sauna /2 hour/ 18.00 BGN