The secret of Cleopatra - 70 min. - 69 BGN

Experience the pleasure with an old formula for beauty from the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. It includes moisturizing bath with milk and honey massage.

Mojito - 70 min. - 69 BGN

Starts with 10 minutes of refreshment in whirlpool bath with mint. Continues with exfoliation body with special gloves, ends with energizing massage with essential oil of lime. (Lime oil is known for its ability to lift mood, stimulate and refresh.)

Silhouette – Histomer С30 - 60 min. - 69 BGN

Therapy for quick slimming, remodeling and cellulite treatment. Includes: peeling application of activated serum; slimming massage with anti-cellulite cream and firming massage of different parts of the body.

Herbal elixir - 80 min. - 85 BGN

Experience an unequalled euphoria with the gifts of nature and the healing abilities of the manual therapy.This is the perfect combination of health and beauty.It begins with herbal peeling of the whole body followed by a massage with aromatic candles and natural oils.The therapy ends with herbal tea at the relax zone.

Gold beautification - 60 min. - 80 BGN

Gold will take care of the energy metabolism of your cells, preventing dehydration. It gives a rejuvenating effect and shine to the skin, making it radiant and incredibly smooth.

Tenderness 60 min. - 78 BGN

Affects the senses and mood, therapy with a relaxing, balancing and harmonizing effect. Stimulates cell metabolism - for tired and stressed skin.

Full body peeling on your choice - 30 min. - 35.00 BGN

Half body peeling on your choice - 15 min. - 18.00 BGN