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The White House


The White House suite at the Astera Hotel & SPA in the Golden Sands resort is the first apartment from the A-Suites chain and is a symbol of seven-star luxury and elegance.


In case you have not planned it yet the White House team will take care to make it comfortable and convenient to you. By your request he may book you for a charter flight by business aircraft BAE RJ-70 from and to any location in the world. There is a chopper at your disposal too, to take you for a visit to the nearby golf courses, to a panoramic sightseeing tour or to any randomly selected destination within the territory of Bulgaria. The helipad is right on the roof of your suite.

During your entire stay a Maybach limo with a driver will be at your disposal. In case you prefer higher security you may use Mercedes S600 or Mercedes G with high degree of armor-plating, fire-fighting system and autonomous air supply to the cabin.


As a VIP guest, you will use VIP Check-in and Check-out which discretely guarantees your anonymity. We will additionally save you time by: - The White House team to be at your disposal round the clock. With them, you can discuss all details regarding your stay at the White House. The team will contribute to your comfortable stay – from air-conditioning of the suite to the temperature preferred by you, to flower arrangement and preferred fruit selection, daily newspapers, stock of drinks in the mini-bar, to VIP seating at nightclubs, restaurants, or a shopping tour. - You will have at your service a SPA specialist, hair-dresser, make-up and manicure staff; - A personal governess in case you travel with your children; - Personal guards by your request.


The White House is spread on an area of 400 sq.m. – a spacious sitting room and two bedrooms, 150 sq.m. of balconies with a Jacuzzi, and individual premises for you accompanying staff. In addition, the White House has been entirely equipped with Bang & Olufsen telephones and audio-visual appliances. For your convenient conducting of your business we have provided you with business space supplied with a laptop computer, high-speed wireless Internet connection, direct telephone line, fax, scanner and copier.


To attest our special attitude to you we will welcome you with a bottle of Dom Perignon. The suite is supplied with a luxurious and specially stocked mini-bar.


  • Cruise on the Tullio Abbate boutique yacht
  • Hunting, photohunting, fishing
  • Golf
  • Organizing and complete servicing of thematic parties for you and your guests